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Mother of cheese whiz I barely use dA now. ._.; Seems like every time I make a journal it's "sorry I get overwhelmed by backlogging messages and don't have unique enough comments but hey I drew something and remembered I have a deviantArt account."

"So how was your day" is like my go-to phrase in awkward waiting silences. But really it's nice to hear from people every once in a while, or see journals and know people are still doing okay even if we hardly talk. Or even if you're reading this now like "who the fudge is this why don't I clean out my devwatch" yes I hope you are doing fine, too really if you forgot me I probably forgot you but if I forgot you you are welcome to refresh my memory

Sometimes I look at my backlog and notice people who last submitted art months ago, aspiring artists or writers who had super creative streaks and loved to draw. But then they stopped. And nobody wants anyone to stop drawing, but if they did something else I'm just hoping they wound up happy. Maybe they'll come back, and if they do, that's grand. If they don't, I hope whatever they moved onto is fun, too.

Speaking of moving, I moved out in December. Currently mooching work internet, sometimes I mooch someone's unprotected wifi (mostly for weird recipes), other times I mooch :iconpicano:'s internet, especially for Smash Bros. My hope was to get more done without the internet but it feels like I get less done eheheh. Like all the time I used to spend on tumblr or what have you I spend playing console games. Guess I run more errands than I used to? That and my whole weekend gets burned up when I go play video games with picano and friends. ;>_> Can't really complain I have no time if I waste it all, I guess. All that and I still cannot main Meta Knight. :P Ah well.

At least I ate all the cottage cheese before it expired. :dummy:
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I did wind up going to the Zonker's (or Zonkers? a.k.a. place in Kansas gooooo look it up) tournament and got destroyyyyyyyed but the people there were such cool sauce and I hope more people go next year. Took forever because the same some-guys entered all the tournaments and uh... yeah, when they had a round they were out or something. o_0 And, well, they were the best players, so none of them were knocked out. And it was double elimination. I think it went from like noon to 10pm or something. xP

:iconpicano: and I did wind up going to Japan. It was super kewl. Multiple plane delays and running between terminals to start with. Getting on the trains was ridiculous because we effing sucked at it so much that we had to ask for help for like every transfer until our first hotel. After that, we were bosses at train transfers, thank you very much. :bow:

I picked a horrible, sauna-level heat time to go to Japan primarily for Comic Market and so we went. I couldn't like contain my joy for how cool it was. *_* I e-mailed my favorite doujin artist moooonths ago and he was like "sorry I don't have a booth" so I was like "well darn guess I'll go check out the Bemani section anyway." I get there and I found his comic and forgot all my Japanese (lol like I had any) because I was flipping out. So I mustered up some words like "where is ___" and one of the guys says "I'm ___" and I'm like "really? I'm Papersak" and we're both flipping out some at that point. :squee:  I wore some ZeroAri buttons thinking "I hope some sempai recognizes me." He didn't (no one did), but he recognized the characters at least and was like "where did you get those" and Picano had to help explain I made them and then we showed him Picano's ZeroAri render and it was just so cool it's also a long story but I was a happy clam. I just felt terrible at the end where he said like three sentences in Japanese that went completely over my head. Invisible 

Step 2 was to meet my sister. Comic Market may have dictated the week, but we wanted to go some time this year because she was studying abroad. She showed us some food, explained Memeshikute to me, booked a neat karaoke place with almost every obscure song ever, and showed us around a couple places. :meow:

As for Picano's wish, we went to Akihabara and spent like two combined days trying to navigate all the stores. He wound up buying way more stuff than me but he was finding amazing bargains on stuff. Actually, I'd given up shopping one day and played DDR while he kept finding neat merchandise. DDR with Zero. *_* But from all that walking and humidity, I think my DDR game was a little low. Still managed tu butcher Paranoia Respect. Could not get any Japanese people to talk to me but at least one person liked my Alstromeria challenge performance. :D Spins spins spins. Yay for American bootlegged DDR practice a.k.a. ITG "customs" beforehand. :P

We ate a lot of convenience store food. Like a lot. Those places are really awesome, though.

And after all that we went to visit Picano's dad in Colorado like every year. It was nice; interesting being back in a car for so long, ahaha. The Japanese hotels may have included robes, but nothing beat that American bed of fluffiness.

The whole thing went from like the 12th through 25th of August and mostly thanks to my dad, Picano, and my sister it worked out great. :meow:
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I think it's those two weeks I'm taking off later because I'm a lazy slacker who burns up savings to go see Japan before moving out. Thaaat'll be in August, I think? If all goes well? Question mark? I hate banking on things going well and then it all falls apart, so... ._.; I'd've already planned it out but I took forever getting my passport and evidently the one airline out of my city requires you to have your passport ID while booking a flight.

I feel so lame; there are so many cool people on here and people who have been really nice and it's hard to talk to everyone, especially about art. x_x; It's like you can put pressure on yourself all you want, but even when you see all the flaws and garble in your art, there are people who love it anyway. :meow:

But I've been making myself busy. Like even if I have nothing to do, I've been looking for things. Post school disorder? Maybe. :P Still involves a lot of internet and gaming... just less drawing in class.

And DDR. Pretty sure I'm going to the Zonker's tournament on July 26th. Not banking on winning; just want to nerd out, whoop whoop. I did okay in the tournament here some weeks ago... compared to the locals. The people from the south wiped us all out, though. xP
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Loooong story but I went to play DDR X2 for the first time yesterday with some friends and it was the greatest experience ever. :la: You never ever want to play on one of these American cabinets if you're working on your score, but the game itself is so full of beautiful sound and graphics that I love ittttt

Ummm, still playing Pokemon off and on. Had some lovely matches with some of you peeps but I don't have much desire to change my team up so the game's been off. Send me a message or something if you still wanna battle. I have my normal UU/OU team where I can't decide which water Pokemon or which Slurpuff I want to use and my silly triple/ double battle team available.

My drawing skills get ehhh. I would like to be as cool as :iconpicano: who can do something every week and he tells me about it all the time but I can't deal with the pressure to pump things out consistently. o_o Thanks to all who never harass me about quality. ^^; I don't particularly like uploading crud, but I also drive myself insane trying to meet expectations sometimes (everything from cooking to DDR skills... but fudge Pokemon; I'll never be a pro at that :P) and that ruins the soothing part of art. Finding a happy medium is uh... hard.

I did make a one day Slurpuff dress, though. Well, one as in I spent like fffive or seven hours on it over like three days. :slow: Didn't get to the necessary beret for the cherry on top (or whatever that is) but I heart it ahhhh I must upload it one day

And I graduated. Working full time. Weekends are godsends. I have infinite issues staying awake but the people at work are made of cool beans. Now, if only they were made of coffee beans, then I could drink them see this is what happens when you can't stay asleep and wake refreshed :P
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FIGHT ME *Meta Knight slashing sounds*

School should finally be actually OVER in a week and I am mildly hyped although I do have two tests one of which is tomorrow and I shhhhhould be studying for it. But I have some hope that some weight will come off my shoulders when I graduate. That is, assuming I don't have to go back for my master's degree to, I don't know, eat and have a roof over my head. :faint:

Ugghhhu so I have been taking some snazztastic Japanese. 日本語の技能を磨きません。 For starters, I had to look all of those words up except "Japanese." ;>_> でも楽しかったです。 面白いものを言いたいけどそれは無理ですね。。。

And I wish I could say AI was interesting but uh... it was a class. A class I can't really apply due to the fact that I will probably never have a hand in game development. Desire for a roof over my head and all. :P I could side-program, but the company I work for is (metaphorically, of course) probably watching me like a hawk and really big on doing everything by the book and never sharing what you learned at work and yadda yadda yadda.

Those sorts of creative jobs like game design and art require dedicated, creative people, and I don't have the confidence or willpower to go through the turmoils that pretty much all artists must go through. I concluded 6+ years ago I'd just skate on tech to survive. That, and people are pickywads about art, but no one cares how ugly my program is as long as it works. also let's be honest tech people have looooooww visual standards *bricked*

No, actually, years and years ago I probably honestly thought I could get a job I didn't care for and use the extra money for art supplies to make comics. But despite having no summer school, I wasn't able to draw anywhere near as much as you'd think I could've last summer. I have a sketchbook my friend gave to me years ago and haven't even made it halfway through. Gggh. It's not bad if I don't draw, but I feel so disconnected from the art community it's sor of sad. I've just become another fan art... clingy person. there's a "w" word and I can't figure out how to replace it with a nice word xP

But it's nice to have a job from my current company, doing web work and stuff. I've just been planted on like... the management's website, and they're so far overhead of the developers I'm lost sometimes. So as long as they don't replace me, I have some meager amount of job security. Some. Too pessimistic to rely on it.

At some point, I would say what art I've been working on. I really haven't been doing much, other than getting overwhelmed with backlogs of drawings and trying to prioritize. But figuring out priorities is sort of... impossible. It's all fan art, anyway. Like I was so ready to line art a Christmas comic of DDR and now I'm like... maybe? Is that a good use of my time? Don't I have a lot of stuff I should be doing? Hypocritical coming from someone who EV trains Pokemon, isn't it? ;>_>
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Into Ask Zero and some side project, I suppose. o_o;

Uhhhhm. Wrist hurts, lots of typing at work... trying to get ready to graduate in the winter, need to find a post-college job, need to know more about computers to keep my current job, need to get ready for Nebraskon

All these things I need to do in the near future and yet all I'm doing now is eating tons of food and then trying to exercise it off with the belief that I only have a few years left to cosplay before I get an old sluggy body that can never be a loli character again and let's face it my Zero cosplay has giant hips fffff BLEH I'm just eating popcorn right now. :slow:

also a lot of tumblr

I have yet to figure out why I have chest problems and I gave up after no docs could find anything. So maybe if I can get by without coffee it'll go away. Blehhhhh.

uh what's the good news

Flip, did I really go this long without posting on dA that :iconpicano: proposed back in the first week of May
fffffing, go love him, but not more than I do :heart:
I think I ranted on every other site, though, so it's sort of old news. :slow:

Related, but less important, he got Luigi's Mansion which I also have yet to talk about how ridiculously cute this game is omfg, these Boos, I just, I love them I love them

Aaaand I finally got a deal on the DDR X3 vs 2nd Mix soundtrack so hopefully I can find the inspiration to finish that Seasons project that I'm sure everyone forgot about by now. :P Dunno, I would if I thought it would've never been finished. xP
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Okay so :iconspike4ever15: and :iconshadow-rukario: both tagged me and since two tags never happen at the same time and you guys wrote your own questions and because IO bleepin' felt like it I did both. :dummy:

Buuuut the reason I never do tags is because they're really really long posts.
Never fear, though, I have a tumblr~
And so, the answers to your questions are all here ->… Thank you for making cool questions. :meow:

and I don't know who to taaaag because I don't know who actually likes doing themmmm but I think :iconvenomdancer: likes these and maybe :iconnikki--nova: so I'm just going to tag you and even though it says "no tagbacks" :iconspike4ever15: and :iconshadow-rukario: are welcome to do them, too. Questions are at the end of the blog post.

IMPORTANT THING if you're a DDR person

Due to the spamfest at one of the DDR clubs... I just made my own. Simple, vague rule is "art only." Feel free to post old/new things there, as long as you consider the work finished.


I... can't take all that spam at the other club anymore. ^^; But it can't be deleted, since there's no fair rule against screenshots and bases so... eh. ._.;

and I just feel really busy but A-kon was great with :iconnikki--nova: and :iconpicano: except THERE WERE LINES FOR EVERYTHING but the food trucks were snazzy. :heart: There was a giant rant on my tumblr about it so uh... whoo, old news.
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Trying to draw, anyway.

Finally got that angels picture out. Going through a mental battle of more DDR or for the love of all that is holy something other than DDR. Then I wind up doing nothing because it seems like I don't have time for both.

It's like school all over again. :dummy:

No idea really stands out, though. I promise nothing other than I'll probably post dumb things on tumblr. And finish Luigi's Mansion 2... eventually. Boos are really cute.

Blah. Programming ate my inspiration. Everything looks like numbers and letters, and I sometimes wonder what I draw for. ._.
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need to draw again

I am working on something for the Bemani Acedemy event and it seems I've forgotten how to draw jawlines again. lkdjflgdflgkjdflkgdfgd

sorry ._.
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It is raining and it's kind of lovely. :meow:

Taxes out of the way at the last minute... dove into some homework and although I'm still off a few counts in my er... to put very simply, timing program, the whole schoolfest feels a little less hopeless than usual. :slow: Even though I am probably getting a B in the one class that matters. Hmm. Meanwhile, I'm sure our group leader (if he wasn't a nice guy) would want my head right now for being late on our deadlines... but with one program outta the way, I shall dive fully into the one for that class. There were like three tests last week (well, one that you can't study for) and one the week before and BKSLDFSLDFJS I want to drawwww. ._.;

And we are also at the end of discount candy season. Scored like $25 in sugar. :dummy: is it really a score when you could've bought like something useful with that money though

Please share healthy recipes as I try very hard not to eat all that sugar in one sitting. :P Ugh, I feel like flub having sat down for hours programming that last assignment... but that's like the only way I operate. If I try only doing like one hour at a time on a program, I'll forget wtf I was doing next time I look at it. Not like art. Art is like the opposite... if I spend more than an hour staring at the same thing, I won't notice all the mistakes, and time apart is a great thing.

:iconpicano: stole borrowed my 3DS to play Luigi's Mansion and I shall be playing that. All I know is I really, really, really like Boos. They are silly and cuddly. :meow:

Is it weird that a 23 year old lady still likes silly cuddly things...? Well, as long as it isn't creepy. :slow:
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Happy discounted candy season. I've been eating a lot of Valentine's chocolate... I bought it after Valentine's day, of course, when it's half price. xP Um. Yeah I don't recommend it, but it's fun to share with friends. :meow:

I was supposed to draw while listening to lectures and then I realized it was impossible to pay attention to both at the same time so I've done neither. :dummy: Every once in a while, I get artspired and hopefully I can be a tad more active on here...

DDR is going better. Scores are really finicky... sometimes I break old records, other times I get C's. Booooo C's. I still can't pass Max 300.

I need to stop buying CDs. Holy flipping, a 90 yen CD sounds cheap as all heck... but I have to pay a proxy service fee and a processing fee and two shipping fees and it comes out to like $20 what the fudge is this robbery

CD Japan, at least, doesn't charge all those fees, but they can only get what's available or something. I was after a CD released in 2000 or something and it was long gone. I've also learned the Amatsu Misora Ni soundtrack with Riyu Kosaka's most amazing song is no longer being sold. ._.;;;

... I need better stories.

Um. We got a new microwave after the last one nearly blew up. :slow:
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I've been doodling.

Not a whole lot of drawing, though. ^^;

Part of the reason it's been so long was because I was in the middle of a project that got cut short in September because of skewl and uh... overanxiety? And Ask Zero. I should have half of it done if I get back into it and finish up the lovely Zero's asks.

Ummm. Christmas was very merry, until the decorations were put away. D: Some trees still have lights up around town, but for the most part it's lame January. :P We should still be getting some snow though. Which is good to me. :boogie: We haven't had a monster blizzard in... what seems like forever. The few times it's been too bad to drive, I guess I just haven't had to drive.

New Year's resolution is to play moar DDR. Getting really tired of this rust. Got another SDG over winter break, which is about flippin' time I got one on Last Message (but we also haven't had an Extreme machine for years, so it was sort if impossible without piracy xP).

I have way too many characters I want to lame-cosplay. Top one I wanna wear is the Pokemon Colosseum street performer; top one I wanna be recognized by is Elsie from The World God Only Knows. Which is a funny mother flipping anime that everyone should watch on Crunchyroll. I want to draw for it, but I like the art style too much to want to see the characters in my style... whatever my style is. :P

Other resolution is to take notes on paper instead of on my comp. I studied way better... and drew way more pictures. I'm already like finishing up the Christmas comic now that school has started. Pretty sure that's not how that's supposed to work... :slow: Unfortunately, I can't do squat Photoshop work unless I'm at home... however, I do have an online class and am now considering drawing while listening to the lectures... hmm...
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It's really high on coffee, though. :woohoo:

Finals went terribly. I passed everything, and I hate to use the term "I think" for one class. Hoping not to get any egh Cs but Software Engineering's focus was unclear and the Game Programming teacher never says what he wants in a game and just hopes you'll go miles farther than everyone else in the class. So without finding out what everyone else is doing, that's rather confusing and subjective...

So I think the reason it was hard to care this semester was because I never had any idea what to expect from the teachers. :| I should've aced the other classes only because they were with the same teacher with low standards, and they're art classes so, once again, completely subjective and unpredictable. Kinda wanna take more math classes. :P

The Wii U is fuuuuuun at least with people. :iconpicano: got it and has been addicted to it and we're trying to complete like all of Nintendo Land. I shall make it my mission in life to rule the octopus/Rhythm Heaven mini game. :D 'Cause uh... he's better than me at everything else. xP

I am really into cooking and am trying to eat healthier. Been eating like a fat person regularly. :P Cooked like a week's worth of breakfast omelets so I could just microwave them in the morning... but before class, I think "oh i've got time to eat sugared cereal and cookies and chips" and blarg. I kinda wanna get into bento making but having a hard time not getting the rice to be hard and chewy because isn't that like what always happens when you leave rice in the fridge. o_o; Don't know how people do it...

My sister got ridiculously sick which sucks. And we also have to not get sick. o_o;

I'm trying to get back into DDR, too. Really, if I spent as much time geeking out over the characters as actually playing the game I'd be amazing at it and not have like bad scores and the inability to pass Max300. xP And probably actually be in decent shape.

also CHRISTMAS IS COMING so everyone be merry this month :boogie:
or happy if you prefer
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Nebraskon's been over for days now.

I've just been trying to get back into school. And stuffing my face with food. :slow:

I should be getting ready for school, but I was tired of it saying "Nebraskon is coming" on my front page. :P

Ummm it was pretty awesome. Most of the reports on that are on tumblr/Facebook. Had an amazing DDR photoshoot that I've been trying to do for years and both my sister and my cousin and our friends were all willing to be roped into it and did I mention it was amazing? :boogie: I keep spamming the group picture everywhere and everyone's probalbly sick of it... but maybe I'll upload it here. :P

Really wish I'd done better at the karaoke contest, but I did do better than last year. Hooray for low standards! I spent like a day making Ib and like five people recognized me, while I spent all summer on Zero and no one did. :P Although I think two or three people were awesome enough to be like "uhhh who are you" and I'd be like "the ~lovely~ Zero." Nobody thought I was a dude and I seem to have failed there. ^^; Although I did just now run across some crossplay tips, so I can work on that next time...

but there is nothing to practice and very little to get excited about

my life is empty

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is that a fitting emote i'm not sure well anyway

Plans for that have taken over my brain... practicing dances, trying to practice singing, looking at panel schedules, training for game tournaments, dress rehearsing cosplay, actually making a third cosplay out of my closet items


My buddy introduced me to Ib, which is old news if you've seen my scraps (and beating a dead horse if you've seen my tumblr... ^^;), but if you haven't, it's a free trippy puzzle/adventure game (English version is here:… ) where you play as a little girl who gets trapped in a creepy art gallery. And like, I don't even know if you can say it's THAT good, but the fan material is just that good and I can't stop being addicted to the fan fodder. xD;;;

and so my cosplays will be X2 Alice, X2 Zero, and closet Ib. Being flat has its perks. :P

And uh... my to-do list has to be revamped...
  • Software engineering report
  • Work on game assignments
  • Some dorky game programming
  • Crash course Galaxias and Gangnam style's dance
  • Actually not suck at the karaoke for Nebraskon
  • Still exercise more
  • DO NOT GET SICK (should I get a flu shot...? I've been hearing mixed results... but after the nightmare that was last year, I've been wanting to score one...)
  • Draw pictures for the voice actors to sign (still haven't made a dent...)
  • Work
  • Finish my bud's cosplay; just sewing things onto clothes
  • Keep up with peeps
  • Angel Beats. Screw the rest of my anime list; I needa be in this loop before the con. xP

It doesn't seem like it got much shorter, but the tasks are a bit easier now. :shrug:
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  • Watching: Ib parodies
  • Playing: Ib
  • Eating: Tuna
I'm not like sad or upset or mad at anyone or anything.

I just can't think.

It feels like there's always so much stuff to do, and maybe there really isn't, when I look at it...

- Software engineering report
- Make two games (neither of which involve any programming... which would've been the easy part for one of them)
- Whatever game programming is involved
- Finish learning the dances for Nebraskon
- Actually not suck at the karaoke for Nebraskon
- Stop gaining weight at least until Nebraskon; actually exercise more often. The dances aren't near enough, evidently.
- Also, for the love of all that is holy, don't get sick again. >_>
- Draw pictures for the voice actors to sign
- Work
- Finish a cosplay for a friend which should really take like five minutes to sew a but [i]I have no idea what I'm doing[/i[ and it makes all the difference in the world that this stripe is vertical and not horizontal Horizontal is cake. xP
- Talk to people I keep forgetting to talk to
- It sounds lame, but there's an infinite list of anime I'm supposed to watch or has been recommended to me and I never actually get to it... >_>

I guess, the list is so small and full of things I could skip, it doesn't seem so bad after typing it out. But somehow I purposely distract myself when I get overwhelmed...

And I lost the scholarship so school seems kind of pointless now. ;>_>
But there is a bright side to that. A few, really.

The obvious is that, come on now, I've had it for two years... I really can afford the rest of college by now (my sister is another story... pray for her >_o), and somebody else deserved it. The thing is entirely grade-based, and after dying from pneumonia last year, mine fell to like 3.6, while the people who got the scholarships had 3.8 and 3.9 GPAs, grades that I have never had even at my best. At least this way, I can pin the blame on being sick... had I lost the scholarship when I was healthy, I would have no one to blame but myself and I would've felt more like an idiot. I really don't know and can't say if I was too dumb to bring my grades up... I guess I was just kinda lazy, and that's something I can work on. ;P

... besides the fact that school just seems to be getting more pointless. Learn while you're young, everyone... I've realized that while the subject matter you learn in school is generally unimportant, the ability to learn new things is something one should never take for granted. *nod*
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  • Watching: Dance videos
  • Playing: Mario Party
  • Eating: Maple clodcakes. Long story... xD;
I haven't commented in forever because I feel like I leave the same message every time. ._.

If I were to leave comments on the art sitting in my devWatch, they would probably just be these, over and over again...

:iconnikki--nova: Lovely coloring, and it looks cute~
:iconpicano: You cheat at life.
:iconjezmm: xD I heart Phantasm Dyad and the ladies look lovelier each time.
:iconmystayre: Your art is always so shiny and pretty and my words fail. :slow:
:iconyatosuke: 色は素敵なです! あなたのガスはかっこいい~ :iconyayzplz:
:iconprojecttiger: Your coloring is gorgeous and your art is so cute agh. <3
:icondalsifodyas: You draw the coolest manly men with such nice shading. :D
:iconshadow-rukario: I'm sorry I've been too much of a slug to read your stories, but your characters are so fluffy and cute. :3
:iconascherune: Everyone you draw is hot. :slow:
:iconcalafulparasol: Your traditional coloring is so lovely :3 Your style really suits Pop'n characters, I think.
:iconstarrberry: Your art gets lovelier and lovelier and sometimes goofier and goofier (looking at the Eggplant thing, although I see it was a collab) and it's all just pretty.
:iconchibikeiichi: Your art also gets lovelier, and I think your characters get more life and personality as you draw more. :3
:iconarriscas: Your pictures are always so cute and pretty. Sybil's such a cute-designed character but I haven't been reading much. Dx

and i probably forgot people
please forgive me
i did leave out people if weren't in my dev watch or if they were in clubs
or if i haven't watched them long enough to come up with something witty
but I'm going to bed

... if you want me to comment on one deviation, post here, and I will -actually- get to it, I swear it. Doesn't matter if I know you or not. But I let them pile up again, so a lot of random things were deleted. :faint: My fault, I know. ^^;

I need to update the peeps in my feature journal... primarily because of switched accounts and whatnot. ;>_>

Everybody, have a good night. : D
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Still alive. Still not getting anything done.

School doesn't involve so much work as it does thinking this semester... which I guess is still considered work.

I drew like two pictures, but they're parts of an eight picture series... and I probably won't post them until I throw in the towel. Or, well, until I finish all eight.

Had a grammar police day on tumblr.

Um. All I ever play now for fun is Mario Party. DDR is for exercise, really. :slow: I bought Supernova 2 just to get free shipping on Amazon, but I haven't even started it yet, not wanting to fall into Hyper Master Mode like I did Dice Master Mode (and for the record, the possible portion of DMM was fun). I want my Mario Party skills back from my childhood so I can actually be a challenge for :iconpicano:. Maybe I never really had skills... I only thought I did because I played against non-pro computers. ^^;

They need to bring back the minigame coaster so I can find out. Stuff is brutal.

I did get my cosplay done, but now I have to finish my friend's cosplay. It's just a black stripe, but I've never put one down the middle of the shirt before. Ehhhh.

Am I weird for thinking Johan from Monster is kind of attractive, even after the whole series is over...?
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WHERE ARE THE PLANS WE MADE I like that song leave me alone

Cosplay cosplay cosplay cosplay. I really want this to be done before skewl starts but I'm cutting it rather close. >_o Shoes are... all in one piece ("done" would imply there is no work left to be done on it, and I mean they're wearable but ugly looking xP), and the jacket has been trudging along veeeerrrryyyy sllllooooowwwlllly.

And because of that, I haven't drawn squat. ._.

I got inspired to draw Zero is about it but I dunno when I'll finish it. Usually, school/homework/tests all destroy my sanity so much that I eventually go "screw EVERYTHING in my LIFE I'm going to draw," so I guess that'll be when I get more art up. :P

I'm trying to learn dances for the convention. My exercise schedule has been rather shoddy and I need to get on that... ;>_> I don't like being eggplant shaped unless it means Gakupo will show up. :P

I guess I'm less tired and more busy as all fudge and noodles and cheese. With cosplay. If... that constitutes as being busy.
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Not really getting any art done. Been sewing like crazy but I am kind of terrible at it so it isn't going well. xP I underestimated how hard it's going to be to work with feathers...

I HATE COSPLAY. It's too flipping expensive to do right, yet it sucks when it isn't done right. Blah. If I make it under $100, I'll feel like I saved money... I need to set a budget next time... two colors of fabric were like $15 apiece, ribbon was another $5, buttons were like $5, wig I'm looking at is like $20... fff that's like $60 already. I want to make a cosplay people like. And one that I won't get me pneumonia this time. ._.;

and after this I need to stop xP

I used to be good at recycling cosplays... now I feel like they're too nice to use often and I don't wear them enough. And now I'm getting too old to e some of the characters. Or too big... which makes me look old. :P I guess Devil Zukin is ageless, though, but I have no idea how much it's going to cost to make the wings, so it's kinda not being worn as much due to ehhness.

Always get your stuff on sale. Always. :P Cosplay, food, whatever, look for sales. xP

I'm trying to take a stand to stop piracy. Again. I think I mentioned this already some time back... anyway, it is so easy to acquire tons of junk legitimately that why even look at what you don't want to buy? Enjoy what you have given to you. Watch things on Hulu. Go look up official music videos on YouTube. Stuff is free and legit. I'm not going to say I don't pirate at all, but I try not to because I have no real need to.

I know Hulu isn't available everywhere, but if you feel the need to pirate despite getting Hulu, don't pirate, go watch like, Tiger & Bunny, Shiki, C Control, Monster, Madoka Magica, Durarara, Princess Jellyfish, Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater, School Rumble which is like my favorite show in the whole world, Future Diary... LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF. Unless you really have nothing better to do, that's some months' worth of anime and I'm still not done watching all of them (looking at you, Monster). xD And I'm still surprised 4Kids acknowledged Sonic X's Japanese origin and put all three seasons on Hulu as well. :0 Uncensored, I'm told, but I haven't paid much attention to the parts that were cut out. I have yet to watch the third season just... due to lack of interest. And I spoiled the ending like a loser. ^^;

I only cut slack for myself if no one will release the darn thing in English, like the Neuro manga. It's bleeds awesome, so much more awesome than the anime, but we'll never get it. Why pay for something I can't read, I guess. That would be the one manga I would blow a paycheck onto just to share it with my friends, though, and because it's so sadistically funny. The anime, however, is on Hulu... and while it handles HAL rather well, the rest of it is... kind of an injustice that only gets worse.
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